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Passing through Dayton, Ohio while on business and decided to take a lunch 30 minute lunch break and power up the drone launching from the downtown Dayton park. Signs of the intense rain this month were seen on the flooded banks with visible signs of a curvy sidewalk resting underneath muddy waters and what was once a nice atrium to escape from the sun is now partially submerged.

I went up and down the riverfront several times capturing some photos and video before packing up. As I climbed into my car I noticed a policeman rushing into the area stopping his vehicle in the road rather abruptly and jumped into the area I was just standing. I'm certain he was looking for me although I'd already researched the area and was not breaking any local or federal laws...sadly another case of knee slapping measurements to put an end to incredible technology misused by a fraction of people with lawmakers who don't seem to be interested in learning about the incredible benefits they offer.
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