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I've wanted to take photos of Pilot Mountain for quite some time other than the phone picture while driving down the highway! I had a small window of opportunity and of course always have my gear with me and took advantage of the relatively nice weather provided. I was able to get some great shots with my Canon 5D III and was debating on pulling out the drone, but after looking online and seeing nothing was posted that would restrict flying I went down a small path and launched from under the tree canopy using a small opening to emerge. During flight around the other end of the mountain my screen suddenly went green and showed no connection...I was terrified I may have been ambushed by one of the many condors flying around overhead, especially since I had just heard a bird screech! In a panic I hit the "Return to Home" and waited...and waited...and waited...when suddenly the screen came alive again and prepared to land - whew!
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