Custom Printed DVD's

Take your presentation to new heights with the highest quality DVD printing in the industry. These DVD's won't smudge, scratch, or fade. Custom Printed DVD's are as timeless as your photography.

PLEASE NOTE: MpixPro Custom Printed DVDs are printed on DVD-R discs. These disc can only be accessed on your computer if you have a DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+-RW drive.

To find out if your DVD burner is a DVD-R:

  • Right click on "My Computer" and select Manage
  • Select "Device Manager" from the directory on the left
  • Click the "+" next to DVD/CD-ROM drives to expand the directory
  • The DVD drive listed must say DVD-R, DVD-RW or DVD+-RW
  • If a DVD-R, DVD+-RW or DVD-RW is not listed, MpixPro DVDs will not burn in your drive
Product Highlights
  • Printed on a DVD-R disc
  • 8x Recording speed
  • 4.7GB of memory
  • Printed with Everest 600 Thermal Printers
  • DVD ships in cardboard DVD sleeve
  • Because DVD's are a different print medium, the reproduction of color may vary slightly from photographic printing
  • No minimum
  • 1-2 business days for processing