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Raleigh, NC - The Pantry, Inc. hosted the ACC Tournament in downtown Raleigh at the City Plaza using multiple big screen televisions broadcast live from Greensboro coliseum. A large tent was setup over artificial turf with bleachers facing the screens complete with heater to help fight the bitter wind and chilly temperature outside. Games for the kids included crafts, hula-hoops and sticky-balls courtesy of Marbles nearby. A basketball hoop was positioned just outside the rear of the tent for anyone willing to show off their skills.

In addition to employees and fans visiting the event, several local celebrities braved the windy afternoon to shoot hoops supporting their favorite "Battle for Bean Street" charity. Meteorologist Scott Dean with ABC 11 news, Tracey Early with News 14 Carolina, Billy Dukes with WQDR Country Radio, Penn Holderness with NBC17 and Lori Wiggins with Midtown Raleigh News were among the crowd.

Kangaroo Express is having its Bean Street Coffee cups determine the most passionate college basketball fans this season. The Battle for Bean Street is a competition between rival Triangle area ACC universities - Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina. The team with the most cups sold wins the grand prize of $20,000 to the winning school's charity of choice.
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